Electropar-PLP New ZealandOverview: Established in 1950, Electropar PLP is a leading provider of electrical engineering solutions for the Australasian electrical transmission and distribution, defence and industrial sectors.

Electropar’s design, development and manufacturing strength; together with its market-leading distribution portfolio, enables the Company to offer a comprehensive product range through its four divisions.

Power Distribution and Transmission (“PDT”) – Electropar is recognised as being a leading supplier of custom designed cable componentry and hardware for the electrical transmission, distribution and wind generation sectors.

Control and Defence – Electropar provides sophisticated electrical control solutions to the specialist marine (navy), petrochemical, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Components and Communications – Electropar distributes a wide range of electrical-related consumables and supporting componentry to the electrical OEM and repair sectors. In addition, Electropar is heavily involved in the communications market segment, specifically the provision of hardware and closures for overhead and underground ADSS and OPGW fibre systems.

Rack Technologies  – Electropar manufactures free standing and wall mount data cabinets together with all of the accessories to connect and power the electronic devices therein.

Electropar's powerful research and engineering division provides strong design and prototype capability to the region. This includes well equipped internationally accredited test laboratories for heat cycle accelerated aging of conductor and fittings systems.

Electropar’s headquarters, manufacturing and primary distribution facility is based in Auckland, New Zealand with the Company operating sales and distribution offices in Wellington and Christchurch.