Quality and Environment management

PLP Spain, S.A.U. is a company dedicated to “Design, production and/or trading, including their marketing and distribution, or preformed products, hardware and accessories mainly for the sectors of overhead and distribution power, telecommunications, substations and photovoltaic energy”. PLP Spain Managing Direction is committed with the prevention of pollution because they consider Quality and Environmental Protection essentials values.

This commitment establishes these guidelines:

  • It is mandatory to fulfill all legal and agreed requirements for all interested sides (costumers, suppliers…). This is a responsibility for all the employees. In addition, in order to assure this target, there are specific procedures to ensure a good quality service.
  • Continuous improvement training to the staff. The qualification of all employees should be appropriated for their functions and responsibilities.
  • Reduce all environmental impacts. Every year all identified environmental aspects are measured and controlled.
  • The company employs a Risk Evaluation Methodology to prevent any deviation or non-conformity from its Quality Management System.
  • Costumer oriented approach. The company Quality Management System allows to our customers to trust in the quality of our products and services.
  • Continuous improvement. The organization is committed to continuous improve their Quality and Environmental System. Every year new targets will be proposed and implemented.

These guidelines are communicated to all the members of this organization and it is public for anyone. It is important to have highly motivated employees that participate in the consecution of these guidelines. All staff will be train to be able to do their jobs in an efficient and professional way.



Labor risk prevention

PLP Spain has a Labor Risks Prevention Management System, in accordance to Spanish law 31/1995 dated November 8th, in order to avoid or to reduce the risk of damages to our employees and to other people in our facilities.