PLP Spain started in 1960, focusing on designing, manufacturing and selling preformed helical fittings for overhead and telephonic networks and railroad catenaries. PLP Spain soon became a well- known company in both domestic and international markets.


In 1989 PLP Spain started designing of fittings, clamps and accessories for overhead lines. This new portfolio allows PLP Spain to offer to its customers complete packages of string fittings for transmission networks, as well as other devices needed on the lines, for example; dampers, spacer dampers, warning spheres, birds flight diverters, etc.


In 1998 PLP Spain entered into the telecom market with a new range of products such as splice and terminal closures for both fiber and copper cables, which were developed by its parent company in the USA. In order to meet the requirements of the EMEA customers, a R&D department was created. More recently PLP Spain became the logistic platform for PLP for Europe, North Africa and Middle East.